15 Things I Need Today

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  1. An idea for a story.
  2. Two ideas for a story because they must smash into each other and splinter into a million pieces to reveal what precious nugget lies within.
  3. The lost ability to type without making a mitsake every ohter word.
  4. My purple pen because if I can no longer type I need to use my magic pen.
  5. My spectacles to find aforementioned magic purple pen without which I can write nothing.
  6. A tidy house where I can find my goddamn spectacles.
  7. New housemates who will keep the house tidy while I’m working because apparently the people I live with now can’t do this.
  8. Still the purple pen.
  9. And my purple notebook. This just gets worse.
  10. A large glass of wine to cope with the disappointment of not being able to type/write/find anything.
  11. A large glass of water to dilute the half bottle of wine I just downed.
  12. A sandwich. I definitely need a sandwich.
  13. Still the purple pen.
  14. Acceptance that the pen is missing and possibly gone forever and I will never hand write anything again.
  15. To stop procrastinating and write the article I’ve been putting off all day.

Oh. Okay. That wasn’t so bad after all.

Now, what about tomorrow?

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Writer, editor and English teacher. Reader and beach walker. I used to live in Hong Kong and London but now I’m back home in the North East of England.

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